Public Domain Arts & Media is an independent, not-for-profit, community interest company, that uses the tools of the arts and the media in the civic sphere to encourage progressive social change, the development of active democratic citizenship and as tools of self-actualisation and self realisation for the disadvantaged and dispossessed.

Our work takes place in several distinct but related areas:

(i) Remedial Projects like Flipping The Script apply the tools of the arts and media in a therapeutic context to aid individuals achieve self realisation leading to self-actualisation.

(ii) Cultural Projects such as the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival celebrate the history and contemporary praxis of progressive arts & media.

(iii) Educational Projects like The People’s History Hub and The Liberty Tree are designed to educate citizens about the history and praxis of the ongoing struggle for progressive social change.

All of our projects are guided by similar principles and we always aim to help participants…

  • Form their own opinions and think for themselves
  • Become informed about psychological, social and political issues that matter to them
  • Understand their own individual psychological, social and political circumstances
  • To maximise and appreciate their own talents and capabilities
  • Develop their own ideas for positive, progressive, personal and social change
  • To develop the courage to effectively challenge injustice, inequality and discrimination
  • Make a positive contribution to their world and to wider society


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