What’s Your Story? Makes Leamington Observer

Former TV actor running writing sessions for those struggling with their mental health



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This article in the Grundian is interesting.

But this paragraph worries me:

“Often, anti-Jewish conspiracy theories don’t explicitly talk about Jews or ‘the Jews’ as a group. There’s some kind of code word or symbol that’s used in place.”

I think this idea makes criticism of Israel and indeed any Jewish individual almost impossible and I think this idea is at the heart of many Jews response to criticisms of Israel.

The problem with the idea is that it means that people are actively seeking to attribute anti-Semetic motive to statements that are not in and of themselves anti-Semetic. This means that almost any proposition or statement about anything can be construed as anti-Semetic if an anti-Semetic motive can be constructed or implied.

I don’t think most of the Republican right* in the USA hate Soros because he is Jewish. They hate him because he is a rich liberal who openly supports leftist causes and is thus a threat.

Most of the time it is the Republican right who have the support of the rich and Soros is seen as sort of ‘class traitor’ who is betraying his fellow billionaire oligarchs. I perceive that this is the source of the vitriol against him rather than his religion.

13 letter bombs were sent by right-wing nutjob Cesar Sayoc and the thing that linked all the victims was not their religion but their opposition to Trump. Thus to try and frame these attacks as motivated by ‘anti-Semitism’ is frankly merely a disingenuous rhetorical construct and is counterproductive in the important fight against the evil that is anti-Semitism.

I am pretty sure that very soon someone in the mainstream media will claim that the attacks on Sir Philip Green are motivated by anti-Semetism. It is true that Philip Green is Jewish and that many people hate him. But his Jewishness is literally nothing to do with why people hate him. People like me hate Green because he is manifestation of the greed, sneering superiority, irresponsibility and sociopathy at the heart of neoliberalism. He’s not alone in my condemnation. I don’t pick him out because of his religion! His religion is literally nothing to do with anything. People like me attack the entire global oligarchical wealthy elite who are defined not by their ethnicity, sexuality or religion but by their class interests.

(*I am using the phrase ‘Republican Right’ to distinguish from the ‘Alt-Right’ who openly use explicitly racist rhetoric. Mind you even the alt-right’s attitude to Jews and Israel is today far more complicated than it was in the 1930’s. Much of the Christian Alt-Right for example are passionate supporters of a Jewish Israel because of their biblical ‘end times’ narrative and the right-wing Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu is cosying up to some very unsavoury proto-Nazi characters in the USA and Eastern Europe.)

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The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival’s Magnificent Seven Sponsors 2018 have been announced!

The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival’s Magnificent Seven Sponsors for 2018 are:

UCU, GFTU, UNITE SIMA Branch, Social Workers Union, Midlands TUC, SWTUC and Warwickshire NUE/NUT Section.

The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival is unique in the UK in that it is funded entirely by trade unionists and the trade union movement. Our Magnificent Seven Sponsors contribute over 60% of our funding but this year we still to need to raise £1300.

If you or your trade union, branch or local trade council can help then donations can be paid directly in to our bank account via an online BACS:

Acc: 65127633
Sort Code: 53-61-31

Cash or cheques can be sent to Chris Jury, Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, 48 New Street, Shipston-On-Stour, Warwickshire. CV36 4EN. (Cheques payable to: Public Domain Arts & Media CLIC)

Donations can be paid directly in to our bank account online via Paypal.

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Flipping The Script

Flipping The Script is a therapeutic creative writing programme that uses the interactive process of script writing to allow clients to analyse, understand and reimagine their lives and thus improve their mental wellbeing and social outcomes.

We are developing a pilot project with Springfield MIND to run in Evesham, Leamington Spa and Stratford Upon Avon in Summer 2018.

The programme was originally conceived for those suffering from mental health and social problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, Aspergers, anger-management, PTSD, addiction, eating disorders, phobias, suicidal tendencies, dementia, the homeless and victims of crime or trauma.

The programme is also available a generalised wellbeing programme for a broad audience interested in self-realisation and self-actualisation through creative activity.

The programme can also be adapted for use in conflict resolution in both community and corporate environments.


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Liberty Tree Featured on Red Pepper Website




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Chris Jury of The Liberty Tree guest on the London Live Breakfast Show

Chris Jury, writer and director of The Liberty Tree,  will be a guest on the London Live early news programme presented by Anthony Baxter at around 09.40 tomorrow morning, Wed 24th June.


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Liberty Tree Featured In Stage Review Today 23rd June


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Liberty Tree Featured in Morning Star

Liberty Tree is featured in The Morning Star this morning, Sat 20th June, the day of the anti-austerity Demo!


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Free tickets tickets to see the glorious, agitprop, musical The Liberty Tree at The Cockpit in London in return for supporting a young activist!

We are offering tickets to see the glorious, agitprop, musical The Liberty Tree at The Cockpit in London in return for a contribution to our campaign “supporting young activist”

We need your help. We need to raise £700 in 4 days , so as reward we are offering tickets to the show, along with our undying love, gratitude and huge thanks!
By making a nominal donation to our Kickstarter you not only receive tickets for any performance you wish to attend but you will be helping our student cast and crew cover the cost of their travel and accommodation.


The cast and crew of The Liberty Tree are all students and young activists from Bath and Bristol, and with the burden of massive student debts on their shoulders and their minimum wage, zero hour contract jobs, they need our support.
So come and get your tickets, support young activist and have a great night out .

The video trailer for the show is here:

You can pay directly into our bank account via Paypal here:


Or cash or cheques can be sent to Chris Jury, Public Domain Productions, 42 Park Road, Blockley. Glos GL56 9BZ.

Thank you !

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The Liberty Tree got ‘staff picked’ by Kickstarter!

FB Banner

Someone on the Kickstarter team loves your project and now it’s a staff pick! Tell your friends, your family, scream it from the rooftops… or tweet about it. 😉

We’re featuring you amongst other Staff Picks and New & Noteworthy projects, so there’s no need to add any badges or banners.

Spread the good news and keep up the great work!


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