Producers Platorm

PP5The Producers Platform was a monthly live theatre event held on the concourse of St Pancras International. Producer, Kerry Irvine was invited to curate theatre events that would entertain, engage and provoke dialogue between theatre makers and new audiences. Through the two years it ran, the project developed through it’s collaboration between Producer Skye Crawford for Quirkas,  ScenePool, Camden Theatres and St Pancras International.

PP7The Platform presented a broad spectrum of work from flash mobs to musicals and featured a range of quality companies from the innovative Political Arts Company, experimental theatre company Fourth Monkey to the musical spectacle of Neil –Michael Marriot, The Coven  and the London Ballet Company, as well as the work of the ScenePool Creative Producers on a regular basis.

“St Pancras International is the ideal place to promote Camden’s exciting creative offer. With so many fringe venues within a short walking distance the Producers’ Platform will introduce those in the station to some incredible live performances.”

Paul Chapman, MD of High Speed 1 (Owners of St Pancras International)

“St Pancras International has a strong history of being a hub for culture, supporting the best  of local talent across music, dance and now theatre”.”

Wendy Spinks, of High Speed 1 (Owners of St Pancras International)

Producers Platform was a brilliant opportunity for those passing by to get a real taste for fringe talent in Camden and in turn it provided a much needed space for emerging producers to showcase their work to a large diverse audience.

More Details can be found here.

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