The People’s History Hub



The hidden history of how the British people fought for a thousand years for freedom, justice and equality.

The Peasants Revolt 1381

The People’s History Hub is a multi-media, educational resource that aims to make the lost radical history of the UK accessible via a range of online digital media including, audio, text, images and short 5-15 minute educational films.

Public Doma

Peterloo 1819

in Arts & Media are developing this project with the Working Class Movement Library, trade union organisations such as the GFTU and academics at the Universities of Manchester and Wolverhampton and Ruskin College Oxford.

Inspired by AL Morton’s 1938 classic history, A People’s History of England, The People’s History Hub will include sho

The Tolpuddle Martyrs 1833

rt ‘bitesize’ videos on individual subjects such as ‘The Suffragettes’, ‘Peterloo’, ‘Tolpuddle’ or ‘The Peasants Revolt’.

And it will also include collections of 5-15 minute videos grouped under single subject headings such as ‘The History of Parliament’, ‘The English Civil War’, ‘Democracy’, Trade Unions’, ‘Slavery’ etc.

Bryant & May Match Girl’s Strike 1888

The project is specifically targeted as an educational resource for 14-24 year olds but as it will be a free, open, online resource it would be available to millions in the UK and indeed across the globe.